Settings tab

The "Settings" tab is where key Keeper controls are located. From linking bank accounts to editing your tax profile, or updating your email address and phone number. You can do it all from here. 

Linked accounts

You can link your bank accounts from the "Settings" tab. Simply tap on "Link an account." Once you link your account(s), our system will begin finding business deductions.

Navigation: Settings -> Link another account

link another account.jpg

You can even control whether or not a specific account is used for work, personal, or both. You can remove an account from here, too.

Navigation: Settings -> Select your account -> Remove this account

We partner with Plaid to connect your accounts. By connecting through Plaid we do not have access to your personal information.

We're only able to see purchases from your linked accounts. And that's to find deductions that put more savings in your pocket.


Past returns

You can easily access the tax forms and returns you filed with Keeper from here. You can also access the "File Taxes" tab navigation by tapping on the hamburger icon in the bottom left corner.
Navigation: Settings -> Past Returns

past tax returns.jpg


Export your deductions

You can request a copy of your deductions emailed to you in seconds! Make sure you tap on the correct year at the very top of the page. After you choose the year, please click on "Email it to me!"

Your export includes: 

  • Schedule C Category Totals
  • All Business Expenses List

Please check your spam or junk folder should you not see it in your inbox. We've seen some of our customers receive it there. 

Navigation: Settings -> Export your deductions


Tax profile

Household details

In this section, you can set your Tax filing status, State, Expected 1099 income (annual),  and W-2 (employee) income. 

Navigation: Settings -> Tax profile


Freelance work details

This is where you can edit the type of work you do. Don't worry if you can't find an exact match. Try your best.

Navigation: Settings -> Tax Profile


Details about your work

Keeper uses this information to help calculate your savings, and to predict which expenses qualify as a deduction. 

Navigation: Settings -> Tax profile

details about your work.jpg

In this section, you can adjust the slider buttons to the value that best represents the percentage of time your vehicle, phone, home, and/or public transportation is used for 1099 work.

For example, if you drive six hours each week, and three hours is for work, adjust the slider to 50%. These values can be changed at any time.

Navigation: Settings -> Tax profile


Tax University

Our Tax University can be accessed from here where you can learn about all things taxes without the jargon.

Anything from the home office deduction, LLCs, and even advertising deductions.

Navigation: Settings -> Tax University




In this section, you can update your:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Additionally, you will find an option to 'Log out' of your Keeper account.

Navigation: Settings -> Account -> Profile


Here, you can adjust your notification preferences to:

  • App notifications
  • SMS text messages
  • Don't notify me

Navigation: Settings -> Account -> Notifications


This is where you can opt to erase your Keeper account. Keep in mind that this will unlink all connected bank accounts and permanently delete all data stored in your account, except for your tax filing information. Tax filing data must be retained for three years to comply with federal regulations.

Navigation: Settings -> Account -> Delete account



This is where you can view and manage your membership plan.

  • Edit subscription 
  • Edit payment method 
  • Cancel subscription 

📝 When you cancel your subscription, you are effectively unsubscribing / deactivating your account. You will not incur any charges moving forward unless you decide to resubscribe.

Navigation: Settings -> Subscription


This is where you can email our support team at . You can also message your tax assistant from the "Ask" tab in the app.

Navigation: Settings -> Subscription -> Support


Help center

The Keeper Help Center is your one-stop resource for solutions to any questions or issues you may encounter.

  • Customer support
  • FAQ

Navigation: Settings -> Help Center

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Refer a friend

Support others in their tax-saving journey by referring them to Keeper. Simply share your referral link from this section.

Navigation: Settings -> Refer a friend