We add recurring expenses as deductions

We all have deductions that show up month after month, whether it is your power bill or maybe that Netflix subscription.

Our system will have a prompt to ask if you want to make "rules" for all your recurring expenses, so we automatically mark them when they come in. This is a good kind of rule and makes keeping up with your deductions that much easier!

Additionally, you can create rules on your own. Just open the app, access the Deductions tab, and select the 'create a rule' icon, found next to the + icon in the upper right corner. 

Rules aren't just for your business deductions. They can be for personal expenses too. No matter the charge, we can keep up with it! Here are some types of rules we can create for you:

  • Deductions: You can ask your tax assistant to help you make rules for all those recurring deductions, like utilities, subscription services, insurance, etc. Now you wonʻt have to worry about making sure they get added each month.
  • Personal charges (not deductible): We can also make rules for personal transactions so we don’t add them each month. This is perfect for things like grocery stores, streaming services that aren’t work-related, etc. 
  • The maybeʻs: You might have an expense that qualifies as a deduction only under certain circumstances. By creating a rule for these types of expenses, we won't automatically categorize them. Instead, you can review them in the app and update them yourself based on whether they qualify as a deduction or not.

📝 Remember, you can also create these rules yourself! For more detailed instructions on how to create rules, you can check out our Deductions tab article.