What Keeper can do for you

Youʻre thinking about giving Keeper a try, but want a little more information about what youʻre getting into.

Good news — youʻll have a free trial to make sure you love our service!


When you download Keeper, you are getting much more than a traditional bookkeeper. You’re also gaining a streamlined system for maximizing your tax breaks — not to mention a wealth of tax resources. 

Keeper’s primary feature is our ability to track deductions every day, from all your linked bank accounts and credit cards. This helps maximize your tax breaks, but that’s just the beginning! You’ll also gain access to free resources right in the app that will help you navigate the complex world of taxes — what’s called Tax University.

Need some more information on the type of car deductions you qualify for? Or maybe you need to know whether you can deduct that new pair of work shoes. We have an article to help you out.

Not yet convinced? We have even more incredible features waiting for you. Upon signing up, you'll be assigned a dedicated tax assistant who can help you confirm any tricky deductions and answer all your tough tax questions. Additionally, if you decide to become one of our annual subscribers, you can use the app to file your tax return with us at no extra cost!