Your tax profile

Having basic info about employment and income will help us understand what your taxes will look like. This helps build a custom profile for you, so you can make the most of all things tax-related.

Just head over to the settings in the Keeper app and go to "Tax Profile". There, you can customize all the important aspects of your tax profile, like the following:

  • Your work: You can add your 1099 jobs here, so we know what type of expenses weʻre looking for. Just click "Add/Remove Jobs" at the top of the page. If you do W-2 work as well, you can mark that box
  • The deductions that apply to you: Do you drive for work? Do you work from home? Discuss work over meals? Travel for work? Letting us know helps us find your deductions and ask you about expenses that may apply. 
  • Business percentages: If 60% of your driving is work-related, you can only deduct 60% of your car expenses. That’s called your business-use percentage. Here’s where you select that percentage for your car, home, and phone use
  • Income and filing status: Weʻre not being nosy, we just want to estimate your tax rate.  Put in your annual income, the state you are working in, and your tax filing status.