I filed with Keeper and I'm being audited

No one ever wants to hear the word audit. Most likely you never will — the likelihood of getting audited is less than 1%.

Still, we want you prepared. If you filed with Keeper, we're here to help answer any questions as you work through collecting all necessary documents to send to the IRS. Our team of tax experts are available to answer all your questions.

Don't assume your audit will be a drawn-out process, or that you'll necessarily receive a higher tax bill at the end. Most audits are done by mail, and you may have been selected for something as simple as making a typo when you entered your income. We all make mistakes.

You should carefully read your IRS audit notice.  You might be given the option to:

  • Send in supporting documents
  • Pay an updated tax bill
  • Offer proof as to why the original numbers were actually accurate

Once you’ve gathered all your documentation and sent in your response, the IRS will notify you of the final decision.