Auto Expense Worksheet, Vehicle Business Expense Tracking

This form is for your records only. It shows the business-related expenses, mileage, and property tax calculations associated with your business-use vehicle. We’ll provide this information along with your tax return if you use your car for business purposes.

  • Profession/Business: Description of the business.
  • Description: Vehicle type.
  • Date: Date placed in service.

  • Total miles your vehicle was used: Total business miles, commuting miles, other miles driven, and total miles driven during the year.

  • Business use percentage: Business percentage for the year can be calculated by dividing the business miles driven by the total miles driven and then multiplying by 100 to get a percentage.

  • Expenses: Car expenses are listed by category with the total and the business use percentage.

  • Expense Total Amount: Business percentage total amount.

  • Standard mileage rate calculations: Business miles driven, parking fees, tolls, interest, personal property tax, and the total standard mile rate deduction.

  • How it is reported: Depreciation deduction, auto expense, personal property taxes, and Schedule A, Line 5c.

This is helpful for small business owners, independent contractors, and employees who use a personal vehicle for business purposes to see the totals for your tax-deductible vehicle expenses.