Form 8283, Noncash Charitable Contributions

This form is necessary if you've donated something other than cash (like a car, a piece of furniture, or a stock) to a charity and the value is more than $500. The IRS uses this form to verify the details of your noncash donation and the deduction you're claiming on your taxes.

Section A — Donated Property of $5,000 or Less and Publicly Traded Securities: Calimed items (or groups of similar items) with a total deduction of $5,000 or less.

Section B — Donated Property Over $5,000 (Except Publicly Traded Securities, Vehicles, Intellectual Property or Inventory Reportable in Section A: Claimed items with a total deduction of more than $5,000. This section requires additional information and may also require a qualified appraisal and signature of an authorized official of the receiving charity.

  • Part I: Information on Donated Property

  • Part II: Partial Interests and Restricted Use Property (Other Than Qualified Conservation Contributions) — This is specifically used to report noncash charitable contributions where the donor only gave a partial interest in the property or where the property's use is restricted in some way, aside from qualified conservation contributions.

  • Part III: Taxpayer (Donor) Statement

  • Part IV: Declaration of Appraiser 
  • Declaration of Appraiser