Getting started with Keeper

Start tracking write-offs. Save on taxes.

What is Keeper?

  • How does Keeper work?

    Keeper is a tax filing software that connects to your bank to automatically personalize your experience and uncover tax breaks. We help independent contractors, freelancers, and small business owners discover deductions and file taxes.

    By linking your accounts, our bookkeeping app lets us track and categorize your business expenses as they happen throughout the year — creating a list of deductions that will save you time and money when you file!

    You can easily review and manage your expenses in the Deductions tab. Should you have any questions about your expenses, feel free to reach out to your tax assistant using our in-app messaging feature.

  • Why your information is safe with Keeper

    We get it. Dealing with your financial information is something we take seriously. We use state-of-the-art, banking-grade encryption to keep your personal information safe. That's why we partner with Plaid to securely link your accounts to our app. 

    When you connect your financial accounts to the Keeper app using Plaid, you’ll be prompted to enter the username and password associated with those accounts (Heads up! We don't have access to your login information or bank account details.) Plaid then links your accounts to our app, so we can find your qualifying business deductions. It's that easy!

    You can learn more about Plaid here.

  • Why should you track your business deductions?

    Business deductions are your best friend if you have any type of 1099 or self-employment income. You can deduct anything you buy to do your work — but for it to be deductible, you have to track it. 

    How do deductions work? Essentially, part of every dollar you spend on your business comes off your tax bill at the end of the year. So if you don’t track what you’re spending, you end up paying more taxes than you should!

    Still confused? Take a look at our article on tax deductions. It’s one of the many free resources we offer to freelancers, gig workers, and small business owners.

    Not finding what you need (or have a specific question that isn’t answered)? You can send a message to your tax assistant under "Ask" located on the app!

  • Taking the standard deduction and claiming business deductions

    In the realm of tax deductions, a common question arises: Can you claim the standard deduction while also deducting business purchases?

    The answer is a definite yes! The standard deduction is specifically for personal deductions that you can take instead of itemizing them. These personal deductions are separate from your business deductions. So, you can absolutely claim your business expenses on top of the standard deduction.

    Read more about it in our article, “Can I Take the Standard Deduction and Deduct Business Expenses?

  • File taxes with us!

    When you file taxes with Keeper, we submit all your deductions for you, along with all the necessary tax forms — taking the stress out of tax filing. 

    Once you’re done filing, a tax pro will review your return to make sure everything is correct. When the review is complete, you'll receive a notification in-app and through email, asking you to confirm your estimated refund (or tax bill) amount. We'll only file once you've authorized us to do so.

    Your annual Keeper subscription includes filing with the IRS and up to two state returns. If, for any reason, you decide not to file with us, no problem! You can export your business deduction sheet straight from the app or your web dashboard and take it to your accountant.

    You can learn more about our tax filing service by going to the Filing Taxes section of the help center!

  • Premium Plan

    What is Keeper Premium?

    What’s included? 

    If your tax situation isn't supported by traditional tax software, Keeper's Premium plan can provide you with access to a tax professional who can assist you with:

    1. Complex tax returns: If you have K1s, foreign income, rental income and most complex tax scenarios related to sole proprietorships 
    2. Amendments: We can amend your tax return for a variety of different situations, such as if you overlooked income or forgot to claim a credit
    3. Quarterly tax preparation: We help you prepare and file your quarterly taxes for each of the deadlines 
    4. Audit protection: In the event of an audit, we’ll help you get to a resolution with the IRS, providing full representation if necessary and supporting you in abating any penalties incurred

    What’s not included?

    The premium plan covers almost everything, but there are a few exceptions worth noting. Rest assured — if we're unable to assist, we'll provide a full refund, no questions asked.

    We currently are unable to support businesses such as multi-member LLCs and partnerships, and we don't have any financial guarantees on your refund amount (e.g. if you face an audit for something you may have unintentionally missed in your reporting, we're not responsible for covering the difference).

    Other than that, you’re good to go! Remember, if we are unable to support your particular case, we'll ensure you receive a full refund.


    How do you sign up?

    If you didn't get a prompt to sign up for Premium during registration — send us an email at and we'll quickly assist you in getting started.


    How do I get help with premium services after I sign up?

    You'll receive an email with the subject "Welcome to the Premium plan!" when you sign up for the premium subscription. You can reply to the welcome email or reach out to us to connect to a tax expert for premium services.


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Save money on your taxes

  • We find your deductions

    This is the big one! For self-employed people, finding deductions is arguably the most important part of doing your taxes. Why? Because they help you save.

    💡 A deduction is a tax break that lowers the amount of income you can be taxed on — leading to a smaller tax bill. 

    For self-employed people, lots of business-related expenses can be deducted. We'll help you find and keep up with all of them. For example, if you’re a delivery driver, you'll be able to deduct things like gas, car insurance, maintenance, etc. If you are an independent real estate agent, you can deduct things like your business license, office space, and photography for client listings, etc.

  • How does Keeper find my deductions automatically?

    When you subscribe to Keeper, youʻre signing up for our premium expense tracking software. Youʻll link the app to your bank accounts and credit cards. That allows our software to keep up with your incoming deductions.

    Weʻll learn about your job, so we know what type of charges to look for. If you have recurring charges, we can create rules for those expenses on how they'll be automatically treated going forward. You can also create the rules yourself!

    If you file with us at the end of the year, the deductions we categorize for you will be automatically included in your tax return. (If youʻre filing somewhere else, you can request an export of all your deductions.)

  • We add recurring expenses as deductions

    We all have deductions that show up month after month, whether it is your power bill or maybe that Netflix subscription.

    Our system will have a prompt to ask if you want to make "rules" for all your recurring expenses, so we automatically mark them when they come in. This is a good kind of rule and makes keeping up with your deductions that much easier!

    Additionally, you can create rules on your own. Just open the app, access the Deductions tab, and select the 'create a rule' icon, found next to the + icon in the upper right corner. 

    Rules aren't just for your business deductions. They can be for personal expenses too. No matter the charge, we can keep up with it! Here are some types of rules we can create for you:

    • Deductions: You can ask your tax assistant to help you make rules for all those recurring deductions, like utilities, subscription services, insurance, etc. Now you wonʻt have to worry about making sure they get added each month.
    • Personal charges (not deductible): We can also make rules for personal transactions so we don’t add them each month. This is perfect for things like grocery stores, streaming services that aren’t work-related, etc. 
    • The maybeʻs: You might have an expense that qualifies as a deduction only under certain circumstances. By creating a rule for these types of expenses, we won't automatically categorize them. Instead, you can review them in the app and update them yourself based on whether they qualify as a deduction or not.

    📝 Remember, you can also create these rules yourself! For more detailed instructions on how to create rules, you can check out our Deductions tab article.

  • We can create rules

    Your tax assistant will be there to help you with creating rules, we also prompt from our end when we see multiple transactions from the same merchant. When this happens you can tap on the "create rule" button to add a rule.

    You can also set up rules yourself. Simply navigate to the app, go to the Deductions tab, and click on the 'create a rule' icon, which is located next to the + icon in the top right corner. Need a more detailed guide on how to create rules? Feel free to read more about it here.

  • A real person answers your questions

    Why waste time doing research or trying to get an appointment with a CPA when you have a tax assistant of your own to help you with any tax-related questions you may need?

    When you subscribe to Keeper, you’ll be assigned to one of our many amazing tax assistants. They’ll always be there to:

    • Double-check those tricky deductions
    • Help you add rules
    • Answer all those tough tax questions
    • And so much more!


    Here are some of the questions they can help you answer:

    • Does my child qualify as a dependent on my return this year?
    • Can I deduct the cost of a haircut?
    • Do you keep up with medical expenses in the app?

    Whether it’s about your tax situation or about the app, your tax assistant is there to help. Just ask away.

    Weʻre not just here to do your taxes — we want to help you understand your taxes!

    If you’re having technical difficulties or need some extra help getting that card linked up, your tax assistant can help you with that too!

    As tax assistants at Keeper, we think of ourselves as your personal tax concierge. We’re one big support team, here to help you maximize your savings and understand the complex world of taxes.

Keeper's free trial

  • What Keeper can do for you

    Youʻre thinking about giving Keeper a try, but want a little more information about what youʻre getting into.

    Good news — youʻll have a free trial to make sure you love our service!


    When you download Keeper, you are getting much more than a traditional bookkeeper. You’re also gaining a streamlined system for maximizing your tax breaks — not to mention a wealth of tax resources. 

    Keeper’s primary feature is our ability to track deductions every day, from all your linked bank accounts and credit cards. This helps maximize your tax breaks, but that’s just the beginning! You’ll also gain access to free resources right in the app that will help you navigate the complex world of taxes — what’s called Tax University.

    Need some more information on the type of car deductions you qualify for? Or maybe you need to know whether you can deduct that new pair of work shoes. We have an article to help you out.

    Not yet convinced? We have even more incredible features waiting for you. Upon signing up, you'll be assigned a dedicated tax assistant who can help you confirm any tricky deductions and answer all your tough tax questions. Additionally, if you decide to become one of our annual subscribers, you can use the app to file your tax return with us at no extra cost!

  • How Keeper’s free trial works

    We want to make sure youʻre happy with the job weʻre doing! You'll receive a free 7-day trial when you subscribe, so you can see just how much the app can do for you.


    What type of subscriptions do you offer?

    When initiating your 7-day free trial, you can opt for either a monthly or an annual subscription. After the trial period ends, the payment method you provided will be billed for the plan you selected at sign-up.

    • $20/Monthly plan: This includes all of the expense-tracking features our app has to offer. You can request an export of your deductions to use wherever you file your tax return.
    • $192/Annual plan: This includes everything in the monthly plan, plus the ability to file with us at no additional charge. This allows us to automatically lock in all your tax breaks on your return. 
    • $396/Premium plan: This includes expense-tracking, a tax assistant, tax expert prepared returns including prior year returns, complex tax returns, tax amendments, quarterly tax filings, and navigating audits. Premium subscribers have an assigned tax expert available to answer tax questions and prepare tax returns.

    When you start your free trial in the app, you will be able to look over pricing and see which option will work best for you. 



  • How to sign up for Keeper

    Convinced? Just head over to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to download the Keeper app. Answer a quick questionnaire, and youʻll be on your way to saving money.

    Who doesnʻt want that?

Set up your account

  • Linking up your accounts

    Youʻve taken the plunge and now youʻre a part of the Keeper family. Itʻs time to set up your account so you can maximize all the benefits we offer. 

    Getting your business cards linked to track your deductions is probably the most important step in setting up your account. We recommend linking up any accounts that business purchases come from. Linking either your checking account or credit card with us is a straightforward process, and we readily accept both. 

    When you log into the app, you will see an option to link up Checking Accounts and Credit Cards right from the Settings tab > Link accounts. Just follow the prompts and youʻll have those accounts linked in no time. 

    Have multiple accounts? No problem! You can link as many cards or bank accounts in the app. The more cards you have linked, the more we can help you maximize your tax savings!

    Once you have successfully linked your accounts, they will appear in Settings > Linked Accounts.

    From this point, you have the option to select each account and designate its usage according to one of the following choices:

    • Used for work & personal expenses
    • Used only for work expenses
    • Used only for personal expenses
    • Remove this account

    Selecting any of these options will affect how the status of transactions from each card appears in the app.

    If you select “Used for work & personal expenses,” the app will identify which expenses are work-related (deductions) vs. which ones are personal (not deductible.) If there is ever an expense in question, it will be marked as “suggested” with a yellow light bulb outline, prompting you to correctly categorize it as a deduction or not.

    If you select “Used only for work expenses,” these expenses will appear normally with a green checkmark to the left, indicating they are being tracked as deductions.

    personal expenses.jpeg

    If you select “Used only for personal expenses,” these expenses will still be tracked; however, they will appear dimmed or faded with an 'x' to the left, indicating they are personal expenses and not deductible.

    personal expenses.jpeg

    If you do not wish to see transactions from an account that is used only for personal expenses, you should remove the account from your linked accounts. You can do this by going to Settings > Linked Accounts > (click on the account you want to remove) > Remove this account.

    Please note that If you wish to manually add expenses in the app, at least one card/account must be linked! If you do not wish to link your cards, we recommend connecting a PayPal account—an accessible and widely used option for most individuals and one that can be easily created!

  • How to add/remove an account when your bank is already linked to Keeper?

    You can remove any accounts from the app by going to the "Settings" tab and tapping directly on the account you would like to unlink. If you can’t add or remove an account from our app, you may need to change your sharing preferences directly from your bank’s website. 

    First, you’ll want to log in. Then, locate where you manage connected apps and find Plaid. This is where you can add or remove Plaid's access to your bank or specific accounts that Plaid can access — including Keeper. 

  • Account

    From this important section, you’ll manage all the little details that ensure your account information and preferences are accurate.

    • Profile information: Here you can update your email address and phone number
    • Notifications: You can choose between app notifications or text messages. We can text, so you never miss a thing
    • Delete Account: You can delete your account and data with this option. Please note this action is not reversible. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your tax assistant in the app, or email Weʻll be happy to help you out.

     Navigation: Settings -> Account 

  • Your tax profile

    Having basic info about employment and income will help us understand what your taxes will look like. This helps build a custom profile for you, so you can make the most of all things tax-related.

    Just head over to the settings in the Keeper app and go to "Tax Profile". There, you can customize all the important aspects of your tax profile, like the following:

    • Your work: You can add your 1099 jobs here, so we know what type of expenses weʻre looking for. Just click "Add/Remove Jobs" at the top of the page. If you do W-2 work as well, you can mark that box
    • The deductions that apply to you: Do you drive for work? Do you work from home? Discuss work over meals? Travel for work? Letting us know helps us find your deductions and ask you about expenses that may apply. 
    • Business percentages: If 60% of your driving is work-related, you can only deduct 60% of your car expenses. That’s called your business-use percentage. Here’s where you select that percentage for your car, home, and phone use
    • Income and filing status: Weʻre not being nosy, we just want to estimate your tax rate.  Put in your annual income, the state you are working in, and your tax filing status.
  • Accessing your tax returns

    When you file your tax return with us, you probably want a copy to hang on to. (You may need it if you apply for a loan or go apartment shopping.)

    After submitting your return, head over to the "File Taxes" tab in the app to request a copy. Itʻll be sent to the email address we have on file for you.

    Still working on your return and want to look over a working copy? Just email, and weʻll get one to you.

  • Exporting your deductions

    We'll consistently track your expenses throughout the year, ensuring they're available instantly. This file has a detailed overview of your deductions, such as your expenses total, making them easily integrable into your tax return.


    Below is a sample of what your export copy looks like.

    Screenshot of a 1099 expenses template on Google Sheets

    If you need a template like this one to track your expenses, you can download a free copy here.


    How to export your deductions:

    Within the app:

    Just simply head over to the app's Settings tab and select 'Export your deductions.'

    Please make sure you tap on the correct year at the very top of the page. After you choose the year, tap on "Email it to me!"



    Within the web dashboard:

    If you're accessing your account via the website, go to 'Deductions', select the year you'd like to export your expenses from, and click on 'More' in the top-right corner.


    📧 The email containing your exported data will have the subject line 'Your export is ready!' If you do not see it, please be sure to check your spam or junk folder. Kindly note that the link to download your export copy expires after 7 days. If the link expires, you can just email yourself a new one!

Get help

  • Questions that may be on your mind

    Below, you'll find a variety of common scenarios and frequently asked questions you may encounter while you're getting familiar with the Keeper app.



    What is Keeper?

    Keeper is a tax filing software that connects to your bank to automatically personalize your experience and uncover tax breaks. We help independent contractors and freelancers discover deductions and file taxes.

    By linking your accounts, our bookkeeping app lets us track and categorize your business expenses as they happen throughout the year — creating a list of business expenses that will save you time and money when you file!

    You can interact with a dedicated tax assistant using in-app messaging or texts. They’ll do a daily review of all the deductions the app picks up for you. You also have the option to review and categorize the deductions yourself!

    Can Keep​​er track my income? 

    We do not track income. We focus on tracking business expenses.

    How do I update my payment method?

    To update your billing, you’ll need to log in to the Keeper app and navigate to the “Settings” Tab at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Scroll down and select “Subscription", then scroll down and select “Edit Payment Method.” There, you’ll be able to update your payment method on file.

    Can I include deductions on my quarterly taxes?

    Deductions are calculated at the end of the year and aren’t included in your quarterly estimated taxes. It’s actually better to overestimate when paying your quarterly taxes. If you overpay throughout the year, the IRS will issue the difference as a refund at the end of the year.

    I have multiple LLCs, how do I separate these within the app?

    If your LLCs are single-member LLCs, the IRS considers you to be one entity for tax filing. This means that you can track all of your business expenses together! If you choose to file with Keeper, we’ll intelligently allocate your expenses by income source at tax time, but this makes no real difference on your return.

    Can I use my tax refund to pay for my subscription?

    You will need to purchase your subscription with us before you file your tax return. We review every return with a real Tax Expert, so we need to charge for the subscription before we send it to the IRS.

    How can I scan receipts into the app?

    While we don’t have a feature to scan receipts in the app, you can manually add expenses at any time by tapping the “+” in the top right-hand corner of the home page.

    Can I deduct the income I pay to myself?

    Unfortunately, paying yourself is not considered a deduction so we won’t track it here in the app.

    How can I update my filing status in the app?


    You can always update your filing status and other personal information right from the tax profile settings in the app. This will ensure the best estimate while you’re tracking your expenses throughout the year. If you are currently working on your return in the app and need to update your filing status, just head over to the “Household Details” section and you can add or remove a spouse and dependents.


    Does Keeper track mileage?

    Keeper doesn’t track mileage if you drive a car for work, but we’ll automatically keep track of your car expenses — things like gas, car maintenance, etc. In some cases, this is actually a better deal for you at tax time!

    If you file your taxes with Keeper we will help you choose between claiming actual expenses or the standard mileage deduction.

    How much does Keeper cost?

    We offer a variety of subscription options that work for you and you can always manage your plan right from the “Subscription” settings in the app. We currently offer a monthly plan that includes access to all of the features in the app except tax filing for $20/month, or we have an annual plan that offers access to the same great features and includes tax filing at no extra charge for $192/year. Finally, if you have more complex tax situations, be sure to ask us about our Premium Plan designed for more hands-on help from a tax expert.

    Can I pay in installments for the annual subscription?

    We are not currently offering any installment plans for our annual subscription. We do have a monthly subscription of $20 per month but that does not include tax filing.

    How do I log into the Keeper app?

    Press “Get started” and enter the same phone number or email address you used when creating your account. Keeper doesn't use passwords.

    We will send you a 4-digit security code to your phone number or email address instead to confirm your sign-in.

    Kindly note that if you enter a different number than what you used previously, this may create an additional subscription, which may cause you to be charged extra.

     I already filed my personal return, can you help me file my business return?

    The IRS considers you and your LLC/sole proprietorship to be one entity for tax filing. This means that you’ll need to file an amended return to include your business income and expenses. If you’d like to file an amended return, Keeper can provide free resources that can help you with the process. We also have a premium subscription that includes filing amended returns. If you’d like more information about that, just let me know!

    How do I include my LLCs information on my tax return?

    The IRS considers you and your LLC/sole proprietorship to be one entity for tax filing. We’ll use your social security number for filing your income taxes. You can enter the income you received from your LLC in the income section of your return. You can add your LLCs expenses as deductions within the app!

    I have foreign income, how do I include this when I file taxes?

    Keeper doesn’t currently support in-app filing for foreign income. However, Keeper has a premium subscription for $396 annually which does include filing for foreign income! With a premium subscription, you’ll be connected to a tax professional who will assist you directly with filing your foreign income.

    How do I file my taxes with Keeper?

    You can get started with filing your taxes with Keeper by accessing the File Taxes tab in the Keeper app or logging in at

    How do I update my vehicle business usage, home office, etc. percentage?

    You can edit your vehicle, home office, and phone business usage percentage from the Settings > Edit your tax profile section in the app.

    My refund says deposited in the Keeper app but I haven’t received it.

    The refund status indicator in the Keeper app is based on a 21-day estimate. The most up-to-date information can be found at The IRS processes most returns within 21 days, but some returns take up to 90 days for the IRS to process. Continue checking your status at and call the IRS if there is no update within 90 days of filing.

    Do I need to keep receipts?

    The Keeper app helps you track your expenses and provides a summary of your transactions. While it's a useful tool for maintaining records, it's not a replacement for actual receipts. The IRS may require original receipts for certain tax-related matters, however, bank statements with expenses clearly marked may suffice as well. This doesn't mean the app isn't sufficient, but rather, it serves a different purpose — to help you organize and keep track of your expenses.

    Can you file my S-Corp taxes?

    Keeper doesn’t currently support filing S-Corp tax returns, but with our premium subscription, we can include shareholder income from a S-Corp, usually reported on a K1 form.

    Where do I enter my medical expenses?

    Medical expenses are typically considered personal expenses, and they aren’t something we track here in the app. Instead, you will be asked about that when you file your return with us. 

    You have the option of itemizing your deductions or using the federal standard deduction amount. Itemized deductions include premiums for health insurance, medical and dental bills, mortgage interest paid, and charitable donations. If the total amount you paid for these items equals less than the standard deduction amount, then we recommend you use the standard deduction amount, as this will be most beneficial to you.

    It is saying my income is lower than my deductions.

    You can check the total amount of your deductions by tapping on the Estimated Savings amount in the app or by exporting your deductions to a file from the Settings tab in the app. You can then compare this to the total amount of income you entered under Freelance Income. If some deductions category totals seem high, you can review those deduction categories from the Deductions tab and remove any invalid business expenses. If your deductions are valid, you can bypass the warning in the app and proceed with submitting your information for review.

    It says my vehicle expenses or mileage is too high.

    You can review the Credits and Deductions > Vehicle Expenses section in the tax filing menu to ensure you’ve entered your mileage correctly. You can also review the deduction categories on the Deductions tab that are related to your vehicle expenses. If your mileage and deductions are accurate, you can bypass the warning and submit your return for review.

    Can you tell me more about the premium plan?

    Our premium subscription covers preparing complex tax returns, tax amendments, quarterly tax filings, and navigating audits. Premium subscribers have an assigned tax expert available to answer tax questions and prepare tax returns, including returns with complex tax scenarios such as rental income, S-Corp shareholder income, and more. It costs $396 which is still cheaper than going to an accountant.

    I need an export of my expenses.

    If you need an export of the expenses you’ve been tracking in the app, you can head over to Settings > tap on "Export your deductions" to request an export. One will be sent over to the email address on file with your account.


    If you haven't received the export you requested via the app, please check your spam or junk folder. Then, verify the email address registered in the app (Settings > Account > Profile) and make sure you're checking the correct inbox. You can also update your email address in the app and request another export. If these steps don't resolve the issue, please reach out to us.

    I need a letter from my tax preparer or a CPA.

    Our premium subscription includes access to a dedicated tax expert who can provide a letter from a CPA about your tax return or your projected income and expenses. 

    I thought Keeper tax was free? I’ve had Keeper tax for a while and now all of a sudden it’s asking me to pay an annual fee.

    Keeper does offer a free version that is limited to linking your bank accounts and has limited expense-tracking abilities. To have access to the full app, including the tax deduction summary export file, you will need a paid monthly or annual subscription. 
    We offer a monthly plan for $20/mo which includes expense discovery and tracking, as well as access to a tax deduction summary file and a personal bookkeeper. You can view subscription options in the app and start a 7-day free trial. 

    Looking for a receipt app that will allow me to scan an entire receipt, but I need an app that can allow me to pick and choose items on each receipt that will be for just business.

    If you have a receipt and you're not looking to add the entire expense you can manually add charges at any time by tapping the "+" in the top right-hand corner of the app. Additionally, you can always let your keeper in the app if they need to update the amount of one of your charges and they'll be happy to help. 


    Furthermore, by linking your bank to the app we can scan your purchases and ask if they are business-related. Under the All transactions section:

    Tapping on any expense in the "Deductions" tab opens up a list of tools to help you micro-manage the transactions that are added to your list of deductions.

    You can tap on a specific purchase to:

    Edit the amount spent
    Edit the deduction category
    Mark the purchase as a deduction
    Remove it from your deductions

    Can I deduct charitable donations?

    We don't track charitable expenses in the app since they aren't business expenses, but we will ask you about your charitable contributions when you file your return with Keeper.

    How do I cancel?

    You can cancel your subscription from the Settings > Subscription section in the app. 

    Can I deduct the purchase of a $3000 computer for my business with Keeper?

    It depends on the business-usage percentage of the computer - generally cost for equipment over $2500 must be depreciated instead of added as a deduction to your business expenses.

    I received a 1099K and 1099 NEC from Uber how do I enter this? I think the 1099 NEC amount is included in the 1099K amount

    If you received both a 1099-K and 1099-NEC from Uber, you should enter both under the Freelance income section. While entering your 1099-K, make sure to include your expenses as well. If you believe the 1099-NEC amount is included in the 1099-K amount, you might want to double-check your records or reach out to Uber for clarification.

    When filing your Uber taxes, we'll help you choose between the actual expense method and the standard mileage method ensuring you receive the greatest possible return.

    I need help linking my Uber Pro card. It says I’m entering the wrong number every time I try to verify. 

    Uber Pro Card has a unique login flow which could be the issue. The login flow is this:

    1. Enter your phone number
    2. Enter the OTP code sent to your phone number
    3. Enter your Passcode, which is a PIN code that you set up in your app

    What we've seen happening is that users enter the OTP code a 2nd time which you should be entering the Passcode. If you don't know what your Passcode is, here's instructions on resetting it here:

    Is there a restriction on the number of devices I can use to access my Keeper account?

    Currently, there is no limit. Simply log in to your account using the phone number or email address linked to your Keeper account. We'll send you a 4-digit security code via text or email to verify your sign-in. Enter this code on the device you wish to use to access your Keeper account.

    The PDF you sent to sign my return is blank or there's no where to sign. 

    1. Ensure your browser or PDF viewer is up to date, as outdated software can sometimes cause issues with viewing documents.

    2. Try downloading the form using a different browser or device to see if the issue persists. 

    I have my capital one card linked but it’s not displaying transactions

    While our system can track up to 18 months of transaction data, it is still dependent on your bank on how far they allow us to see past purchases. Some banks only allow a few months. 

    Unfortunately, Capital One only allows us to view the past 90 days of transactions, so if you have deductions past that timeframe that you haven't already selected, you'll need to add those manually by using the + symbol on the Deductions tab.



  • Linking issues: troubleshooting guide

    Here, we list some common issues you may encounter while linking your bank account or card and how to troubleshoot them. There are times when your account will unlink from the app. This usually happens because your financial institution’s system updates or simply because of a password change.

    The account has unlinked

    When your account unlinks from the app, we will send you a text or notification letting you know to relink it. You can relink it from the app's Settings tab or by clicking on this link. If this doesn’t fix the issue, kindly remove the account from the app and relink it from scratch.

    You can remove an account by tapping on that account in the Settings tab. If your account has sub-accounts, you will need to remove those first.


    Your bank is not on the list when you try to link your account

    Our partner, Plaid, is responsible for connecting cards. When you link an account or card, you are shown a list of possible links. If the bank or card isn't showing up, Plaid doesn't support it yet.

    You should check back often for updates on supported banks, as Plaid constantly adds new supported institutions. In the meantime, you can manually add the business expenses from that account or card by selecting the + symbol in the Deductions tab.

    How to add/remove a sub-account when your bank is already linked to Keeper

    If you aren't able to select which sub-accounts you'd like to link during the initial account-linking process, then you will need to link all the sub-accounts connected to your account, and then you'll be able to remove the accounts you don't want to track by selecting the account from the Settings tab in the app and selecting Remove.

    If that doesn't work, you may need to change your sharing preferences directly from your bank’s website.

    First, you’ll want to log in to your bank's online portal. Then, locate where you manage connected apps and find Plaid. This is where you can add or remove specific accounts that Plaid can access — including Keeper.

    Your bank account is linked, but your expenses keep loading or are not showing up

    If this happens, first, make sure your account is not linked twice. If it is not, please try removing the account and then re-adding the account in the Keeper app. You may also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Also, be sure your phone is updated to the latest software version. Lastly, choose a date for the system to scan your expenses under Settings > Tax profile > I started recently.

    I tried to link my account, but it says something went wrong after I entered the code to verify

    If you get an error, please reach out so we can take a look to further assist you.


    📝 Note: If you have two or more Keeper accounts, be aware that linking the same card to more than one account will result in the card being unlinked from both accounts. Always ensure that you log in with the original phone number or email address you used during the initial sign-up to avoid creating duplicate accounts.

  • How to delete my account?

    To delete your account, navigate to the app's Settings > Account. From there, if you scroll all the way down, you'll see an option to delete your account.

    Please note that this action will unlink all associated bank connections, and all stored data in your account will be permanently deleted, with the exception of your tax filing data. This specific information must be retained for three years to comply with federal regulations.

  • Learn about taxes in Tax University

    Now that you've set up your Keeper account and know your way around the app, you may be asking yourself questions like:

    • What a 1099 tax bill is
    • If you qualify for the home office deduction
    • How exactly do quarterly taxes work

    Head on over to Tax University, where you can learn all about 1099 taxes! We create resources for anyone who should be dealing with taxes as a self-employed person, and setting you up to handle everything from business deductions to tax filing!

  • Something looks wrong: What do I do?

    If something looks wrong, or you're having a problem with Keeper, you can send an email to or text your tax assistant. Our support team will be happy to help!

  • Have feedback?

    Whether you're a novice or have been using Keeper for years, we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions! Send us a note over at