Save money on your taxes

  • We find your deductions

    This is the big one! For self-employed people, finding deductions is arguably the most important part of doing your taxes. Why? Because they help you save.

    💡 A deduction is a tax break that lowers the amount of income you can be taxed on — leading to a smaller tax bill. 

    For self-employed people, lots of business-related expenses can be deducted. We'll help you find and keep up with all of them. For example, if you’re a delivery driver, you'll be able to deduct things like gas, car insurance, maintenance, etc. If you are an independent real estate agent, you can deduct things like your business license, office space, and photography for client listings, etc.

  • How does Keeper find my deductions automatically?

    When you subscribe to Keeper, youʻre signing up for our premium expense tracking software. Youʻll link the app to your bank accounts and credit cards. That allows our software to keep up with your incoming deductions.

    Weʻll learn about your job, so we know what type of charges to look for. If you have recurring charges, we can create rules for those expenses on how they'll be automatically treated going forward. You can also create the rules yourself!

    If you file with us at the end of the year, the deductions we categorize for you will be automatically included in your tax return. (If youʻre filing somewhere else, you can request an export of all your deductions.)

  • We add recurring expenses as deductions

    We all have deductions that show up month after month, whether it is your power bill or maybe that Netflix subscription.

    Our system will have a prompt to ask if you want to make "rules" for all your recurring expenses, so we automatically mark them when they come in. This is a good kind of rule and makes keeping up with your deductions that much easier!

    Additionally, you can create rules on your own. Just open the app, access the Deductions tab, and select the 'create a rule' icon, found next to the + icon in the upper right corner. 

    Rules aren't just for your business deductions. They can be for personal expenses too. No matter the charge, we can keep up with it! Here are some types of rules we can create for you:

    • Deductions: You can ask your tax assistant to help you make rules for all those recurring deductions, like utilities, subscription services, insurance, etc. Now you wonʻt have to worry about making sure they get added each month.
    • Personal charges (not deductible): We can also make rules for personal transactions so we don’t add them each month. This is perfect for things like grocery stores, streaming services that aren’t work-related, etc. 
    • The maybeʻs: You might have an expense that qualifies as a deduction only under certain circumstances. By creating a rule for these types of expenses, we won't automatically categorize them. Instead, you can review them in the app and update them yourself based on whether they qualify as a deduction or not.

    📝 Remember, you can also create these rules yourself! For more detailed instructions on how to create rules, you can check out our Deductions tab article.

  • We can create rules

    Your tax assistant will be there to help you with creating rules, we also prompt from our end when we see multiple transactions from the same merchant. When this happens you can tap on the "create rule" button to add a rule.

    You can also set up rules yourself. Simply navigate to the app, go to the Deductions tab, and click on the 'create a rule' icon, which is located next to the + icon in the top right corner. Need a more detailed guide on how to create rules? Feel free to read more about it here.

  • A real person answers your questions

    Why waste time doing research or trying to get an appointment with a CPA when you have a tax assistant of your own to help you with any tax-related questions you may need?

    When you subscribe to Keeper, you’ll be assigned to one of our many amazing tax assistants. They’ll always be there to:

    • Double-check those tricky deductions
    • Help you add rules
    • Answer all those tough tax questions
    • And so much more!


    Here are some of the questions they can help you answer:

    • Does my child qualify as a dependent on my return this year?
    • Can I deduct the cost of a haircut?
    • Do you keep up with medical expenses in the app?

    Whether it’s about your tax situation or about the app, your tax assistant is there to help. Just ask away.

    Weʻre not just here to do your taxes — we want to help you understand your taxes!

    If you’re having technical difficulties or need some extra help getting that card linked up, your tax assistant can help you with that too!

    As tax assistants at Keeper, we think of ourselves as your personal tax concierge. We’re one big support team, here to help you maximize your savings and understand the complex world of taxes.