Set up your account

  • Linking up your accounts

    Youʻve taken the plunge and now youʻre a part of the Keeper family. Itʻs time to set up your account so you can maximize all the benefits we offer. 

    Getting your business cards linked to track your deductions is probably the most important step in setting up your account. We recommend linking up any accounts that business purchases come from. Linking either your checking account or credit card with us is a straightforward process, and we readily accept both. 

    When you log into the app, you will see an option to link up Checking Accounts and Credit Cards right from the Settings tab > Link accounts. Just follow the prompts and youʻll have those accounts linked in no time. 

    Have multiple accounts? No problem! You can link as many cards or bank accounts in the app. The more cards you have linked, the more we can help you maximize your tax savings!

    Once you have successfully linked your accounts, they will appear in Settings > Linked Accounts.

    From this point, you have the option to select each account and designate its usage according to one of the following choices:

    • Used for work & personal expenses
    • Used only for work expenses
    • Used only for personal expenses
    • Remove this account

    Selecting any of these options will affect how the status of transactions from each card appears in the app.

    If you select “Used for work & personal expenses,” the app will identify which expenses are work-related (deductions) vs. which ones are personal (not deductible.) If there is ever an expense in question, it will be marked as “suggested” with a yellow light bulb outline, prompting you to correctly categorize it as a deduction or not.

    If you select “Used only for work expenses,” these expenses will appear normally with a green checkmark to the left, indicating they are being tracked as deductions.

    personal expenses.jpeg

    If you select “Used only for personal expenses,” these expenses will still be tracked; however, they will appear dimmed or faded with an 'x' to the left, indicating they are personal expenses and not deductible.

    personal expenses.jpeg

    If you do not wish to see transactions from an account that is used only for personal expenses, you should remove the account from your linked accounts. You can do this by going to Settings > Linked Accounts > (click on the account you want to remove) > Remove this account.

    Please note that If you wish to manually add expenses in the app, at least one card/account must be linked! If you do not wish to link your cards, we recommend connecting a PayPal account—an accessible and widely used option for most individuals and one that can be easily created!

  • How to add/remove an account when your bank is already linked to Keeper?

    You can remove any accounts from the app by going to the "Settings" tab and tapping directly on the account you would like to unlink. If you can’t add or remove an account from our app, you may need to change your sharing preferences directly from your bank’s website. 

    First, you’ll want to log in. Then, locate where you manage connected apps and find Plaid. This is where you can add or remove Plaid's access to your bank or specific accounts that Plaid can access — including Keeper. 

  • Account

    From this important section, you’ll manage all the little details that ensure your account information and preferences are accurate.

    • Profile information: Here you can update your email address and phone number
    • Notifications: You can choose between app notifications or text messages. We can text, so you never miss a thing
    • Delete Account: You can delete your account and data with this option. Please note this action is not reversible. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your tax assistant in the app, or email Weʻll be happy to help you out.

     Navigation: Settings -> Account 

  • Your tax profile

    Having basic info about employment and income will help us understand what your taxes will look like. This helps build a custom profile for you, so you can make the most of all things tax-related.

    Just head over to the settings in the Keeper app and go to "Tax Profile". There, you can customize all the important aspects of your tax profile, like the following:

    • Your work: You can add your 1099 jobs here, so we know what type of expenses weʻre looking for. Just click "Add/Remove Jobs" at the top of the page. If you do W-2 work as well, you can mark that box
    • The deductions that apply to you: Do you drive for work? Do you work from home? Discuss work over meals? Travel for work? Letting us know helps us find your deductions and ask you about expenses that may apply. 
    • Business percentages: If 60% of your driving is work-related, you can only deduct 60% of your car expenses. That’s called your business-use percentage. Here’s where you select that percentage for your car, home, and phone use
    • Income and filing status: Weʻre not being nosy, we just want to estimate your tax rate.  Put in your annual income, the state you are working in, and your tax filing status.
  • Accessing your tax returns

    When you file your tax return with us, you probably want a copy to hang on to. (You may need it if you apply for a loan or go apartment shopping.)

    After submitting your return, head over to the "File Taxes" tab in the app to request a copy. Itʻll be sent to the email address we have on file for you.

    Still working on your return and want to look over a working copy? Just email, and weʻll get one to you.

  • Exporting your deductions

    We'll consistently track your expenses throughout the year, ensuring they're available instantly. This file has a detailed overview of your deductions, such as your expenses total, making them easily integrable into your tax return.


    Below is a sample of what your export copy looks like.

    Screenshot of a 1099 expenses template on Google Sheets

    If you need a template like this one to track your expenses, you can download a free copy here.


    How to export your deductions:

    Within the app:

    Just simply head over to the app's Settings tab and select 'Export your deductions.'

    Please make sure you tap on the correct year at the very top of the page. After you choose the year, tap on "Email it to me!"



    Within the web dashboard:

    If you're accessing your account via the website, go to 'Deductions', select the year you'd like to export your expenses from, and click on 'More' in the top-right corner.


    📧 The email containing your exported data will have the subject line 'Your export is ready!' If you do not see it, please be sure to check your spam or junk folder. Kindly note that the link to download your export copy expires after 7 days. If the link expires, you can just email yourself a new one!