Deductions tab

The Keeper app is a feature-rich environment designed to help you manage your business expenses and file your taxes! Below is a roadmap to help you navigate every tab and feature available in the app.  

You'll see the "Deductions" tab once you log in to the app. Much of your experience with Keeper will be focused on this page.


With the touch of a button, you can jump back and forth between your deductions for this year and from the previous year.

Keep in mind that we only support tracking deductions for the current year and the previous year at this time. 

Navigation: Deductions tab 


Manually adding an expense

The "+" icon in the top right corner is where you can manually add a business expense. 

All you need is:

  • The name of the purchase
  • Amount spent 
  • Category 
  • Date 

You can also attach a photo of your receipt if you prefer.

Don't forget to hit 'Save' so the expense gets added to your deduction spreadsheet! 

Navigation: Deductions tab -> Plus sign


Deleting a manually-added expense

If you need to remove a manually added expense, navigate to the Deductions tab, locate the expense you want to delete, and then tap on 'Delete' at the bottom of the page.

Navigation: Deductions tab -> select manually added expense -> Delete


Create a rule

The 'create a rule' icon in the top right corner next to the '+' is where you can manually create a rule for your recurring expenses. 

This will bring a pop-up window where you can create rules. If you already created a rule, you'll see that rule listed on this page.

Navigation: Deductions -> Create a rule icon

When creating a rule, all you need to enter are: 

  • Merchant name 
  • Expense status
  • Category

Navigation: Deductions -> Create a rule icon


Estimated tax savings 

The amount you see is an estimate of the money you'll get back from the government at tax time, either as a tax refund or a bill reduction.

Keeper does the math so you don't have to. For those who want to know, the value is determined by multiplying your tax rate by the dollar value of your total tax deductions.

Don't worry, there won't be a test.

Navigation: Deductions -> Estimated Tax savings


View business expenses by category 

When you tap on your estimated tax savings amount, a pop-up window will appear with a breakdown of your total deductions X your tax rate and your total estimated tax savings.

This is where you'll also see a list of all your business expenses per category. And where you can view, manage, and edit them. 

By tapping on the chevron symbol in a specific category, you’ll see all the added deductions.

Reviewing these sections is a great way to stay organized and ensure all your deductions are tracked.

Navigation: Deductions -> Estimated tax savings


Search expenses by name

The magnifying glass icon 🔍 will let you search your transactions by name. (e.g. Amazon)

Navigation: Deductions -> Magnifying glass


Sorting Expenses

Below estimated tax savings, you can see a list of all your expenses that you can filter by:

  • Status
  • Category
  • Account
  • Amount
  • Most recent or highest amount

Navigation: Deductions


Filter by transaction status

If you tap on Status, you’ll be able to filter your transactions by:

  • Deductions
  • Not deductible
  • Ask Me

Navigation: Deductions -> Status


Ask Me/Suggested Expense Category

Under Ask Me/Suggested, you'll see a list of business expenses for you to go through if there are expenses that haven't been categorized. With a tap of a button, you can mark each expense as either a deduction or not.

Checking this area of the app frequently to correctly mark each expense is a great habit to develop.

More deductions equal more tax savings!
Navigation: Deductions -> Status -> Ask Me


 "Ask" Feature

Not sure whether an expense can be deducted? Don't worry; we got you covered!

You'll notice that your uncategorized or unreviewed expenses (transactions with a 💡 icon) have an "Ask" option under them. This feature allows you to instantly ask if that specific expense can be deducted. Simply tap on that button and it will take you to the "Ask" tab where our AI Assistant answers your question in seconds! Moreover, if the AI assistant determines that a human response is needed, it will alert one of our staff members to provide an answer instead.

Navigation: Deductions -> Select the uncategorized expense -> Ask


Editing an expense 

Tapping on any expense in the "Deductions" tab opens up a list of tools to help you micro-manage the transactions that are added to your list of deductions. 

You can tap on a specific purchase to:

  • View the rule
  • Add receipt photo
  • Add a note
  • Edit the amount spent
  • Edit the category
  • Mark the purchase as a deduction
  • Remove it from your deductions

You'll also see other details such as the amount spent, your current tax rate, your tax savings for that specific expense, and the account it's coming from.
Navigation: Deductions -> Select an expense

Add a receipt photo

In the Deductions tab, you can easily attach a photo of your receipt by tapping on an expense and selecting "Add receipt photo."

Navigation: Deduction -> Select expense > Add receipt photo (optional)

Add a note

You can also add a note to your expenses. This is helpful if you'd like to add extra documentation for your transactions, especially business meals, such as who you're with or what the meeting was about.
Navigation: Deductions -> Select an expense > Note (optional)


Bulk edit 

The bulk edit feature allows you to make changes for multiple transactions at once. Simply press an expense and hold it for a few seconds until you see the multi-edit mode. You can then select the expenses you'd like to edit.

Navigation: Deductions tab -> Press and hold an expense

After selecting the expenses, tap on 'Edit.' This will pull up a screen where you can bulk change the expenses by the following:

  • Split amounts
  • Add a note
  • Change expense categories
  • Mark as tax deductions
  • Mark as personal

Split amounts allows you to change the business-use percentage of the transactions you have selected.

Add a note lets you add the same note for all expenses selected.

Mark as tax deductions will add the expenses to your deductions, and

Mark as personal lets you mark the expenses as personal.

Navigation: Deductions -> Press and hold an expense -> Edit

By selecting change expense categories, you can edit the category of the expenses with just one tap. Here, you can see all the categories you can choose from. Kindly note that you can only select one category for all the expenses you have selected.

Navigation: Deductions tab -> Press and hold an expense -> Edit -> Change expense categories