Tax filing

The Tax Filing section of your dashboard is your personalized gateway to filing taxes with Keeper. You can get started with the touch of a button. The process is completely automated, easy to follow, and fast, so there's no need to be a tax expert.

The filing flow will walk you through the process of uploading your forms and documentation. After that, our team of tax assistants will do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. If you'd prefer to file on the app, feel free to check out our article about Filing in the App!


Tax Filing Interface

You'll see the tax filing interface once you log in to the website. Select 'File Taxes' to start. You can track your progress, pause at any time, and return later to complete it as needed. As an annual subscriber, you can access our tax filing flow at no additional cost and enjoy the benefits:

  • Easy form upload
  • Max refund
  • 100% accuracy
  • Professional prep 

Rest assured, filing with us is quick and straightforward. Before your tax return is sent to the IRS, it will be professionally reviewed by a tax expert.

And don’t worry, your tax return won’t be submitted until you have reviewed and confirmed your intent to file. You can go back to edit your information or ask questions if needed!

Navigation: Tax filing -> File taxes


When you first start your tax return, we'll ask who you’re filing for: yourself, your spouse, or dependent(s). Following that, you'll begin the filing process, which involves three key stages:

  • Drop off forms
  • Questionnaire 
  • Tax pro review

We'll delve into each of these stages in greater detail later on.


Past Returns

Any returns you filed with us are shown here. You can also request a copy to be emailed to you.

Navigation: Tax filing -> Past Returns


Ask tab

You can also access our AI Assistant chat box if you have any questions while going through the filing flow. Our AI assistant is powered by the collective intelligence of Keeper accountants and tens of thousands of previously filed tax returns, which can help you easily get through the filing process.

To access the chat box, click on the "Ask" button at the bottom of the menu.

💡 Tip: For additional assistance, feel free to contact your human tax assistant through the Ask tab. Simply request a staff member to assist you.

Navigation: Web dashboard -> Ask


Tax Filing Process

Let's now explore the various sections of the filing process!

1. Drop off forms

You can upload any tax forms or tax documents right here. You can drag and drop, upload a photo, or choose a file to include your tax forms.

Navigation: File Taxes -> Drop off forms


Moreover, if you prefer to input your tax form details manually, you can easily do so by selecting Enter manually. This option directs you to a page where you can choose the specific tax form you wish to enter manually.

Navigation: File Taxes -> Drop off forms -> Enter manually


2. Questionnaire

In the second stage of the filing process, we gather additional information from the forms you've uploaded to complete your tax return.

Navigation: File Taxes -> Questionnaire

Review forms

In this step, we'll verify if you've uploaded all your tax forms. If you confirm, we'll then ask you to review each form to ensure all the information is correct.

Navigation: File Taxes -> Questionnaire -> Review forms


Follow-up questions

Next, we'll inquire if any of the uncommon situations listed apply to you. If you respond with 'no,' you can move forward to entering your personal details and begin filing.

  • Received rental property income
  • Received income from a foreign country
  • Owned an S-corp
  • Were a nonresident alien

Navigation: File Taxes -> Questionnaire -> Follow-up questions


In the following section, you can input your personal information, including your home address, marital status, and details about your spouse and dependents, if applicable.

Navigation: File Taxes -> Questionnaire -> Follow-up questions


Once you've entered your personal information, you'll be prompted with a series of questions tailored to your tax situation. Please answer them as accurately as possible. If you have any queries or find any part unclear, feel free to contact your tax assistant via the Ask tab. We're here to assist you every step of the way!


The final step of the Questionnaire stage is to input your Identity Protection PIN if you, your spouse, or dependent(s) received one from the IRS. You must enter an IP PIN if you received one from the IRS to proceed with filing successfully. 

Navigation: File Taxes -> Questionnaire -> Follow-up questions


3. Tax pro review

The final stage of the filing process involves reviewing all the details you've entered. Once you've completed answering all the questions, you'll land on a summary page that neatly organizes the information you've provided. Each section in your tax filing summary is interactive, allowing you to easily make any adjustments if necessary.

During this stage, you also have the option to include any additional income, credits, or deductions by simply clicking on the sections marked with a + sign.

Navigation: File Taxes -> Tax pro review


If everything appears accurate, you can proceed to submit your return for review by selecting Tax Pro Review. Our dedicated team of tax experts will then review your filing to ensure its accuracy. After the review process is complete, you will be able to view your finalized tax calculations indicating your tax bill and/or refund for federal and state.


After submitting for review

1. Review process 

We'll review your tax return to ensure completeness and will notify you once your review is finished. Before submitting to the IRS, you'll be able to review your return and finalized tax calculations indicating your tax bill and/or refund for federal and state directly in your web dashboard. 

Remember, we won't submit your return without your approval! 


After we've completed the review of your return, we'll notify you if there are any issues that require your attention. If everything is in order, you'll find your tax bill or refund details on the next screen. 


2. Tax return summary

On this page, you'll see your finalized tax bill or refund amounts, as well as a summary of your tax filing information. 

Tax bill amounts are displayed in red, while refund amounts appear in green. You also have the option to edit your return by selecting 'Unlock to make edits.' 

At the bottom of the page, you can email yourself a draft copy of your return. We recommend thoroughly reviewing your return to ensure accuracy before proceeding to the next section to submit it for filing.

📝 Please note that you will only see your finalized tax bill/refund details in the File Taxes section after submitting your return for review.


3. Selecting your payment method

Once you've confirmed your tax bill or refund details, simply click 'Next' to proceed to selecting a payment method. This choice will be utilized for either paying your taxes or depositing your refund if you're entitled to one.

You have the option to add a bank account or choose the 'pay later' option.

Select a payment method .jpeg


If you choose 'Add a bank account,' you can either select from the accounts already linked to the app or manually enter your bank account information.

Select a bank account .jpeg


Opting to 'pay later' allows you to set up a payment plan with the IRS, giving you more time to pay your taxes. However, if you're anticipating a refund from either the IRS or your state, selecting this option means they will mail you a check to the home address you provided on your return.

Pay later .jpeg


4. Sign your return 

After selecting your payment method, we'll ask if you'd like a copy of your return emailed to you. It's important to carefully review your tax return before signing.

On the following screen, you'll be able to sign your return.

Sign your Return .jpeg


Once you've signed, you'll see another overview of your finalized tax bill or refund with a breakdown of your tax information. 

At the bottom of this page, confirm your intent to file by clicking on the Send to IRS button.

📝 Important Note: Once you send your return to the IRS, you won't be able to make any further changes to your return.

Congrats Your finalized Tax Bill .jpeg


Congratulations! Your return will be transmitted to the IRS.

Now, sit back and relax. You'll receive a confirmation once the IRS accepts your return.

If, for any reason, the IRS rejects your return, don't worry. We'll promptly notify you and provide details on why it was rejected and how to correct the error.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your human tax assistant through the 'Ask' tab by requesting assistance from a staff member.  We're here to help!


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