Exporting your deductions

We'll consistently track your expenses throughout the year, ensuring they're available instantly. This file has a detailed overview of your deductions, such as your expenses total, making them easily integrable into your tax return.


Below is a sample of what your export copy looks like.

Screenshot of a 1099 expenses template on Google Sheets

If you need a template like this one to track your expenses, you can download a free copy here.


How to export your deductions:

Within the app:

Just simply head over to the app's Settings tab and select 'Export your deductions.'

Please make sure you tap on the correct year at the very top of the page. After you choose the year, tap on "Email it to me!"



Within the web dashboard:

If you're accessing your account via the website, go to 'Deductions', select the year you'd like to export your expenses from, and click on 'More' in the top-right corner.


📧 The email containing your exported data will have the subject line 'Your export is ready!' If you do not see it, please be sure to check your spam or junk folder. Kindly note that the link to download your export copy expires after 7 days. If the link expires, you can just email yourself a new one!