Linking issues: troubleshooting guide

Here, we list some common issues you may encounter while linking your bank account or card and how to troubleshoot them. There are times when your account will unlink from the app. This usually happens because your financial institution’s system updates or simply because of a password change.

The account has unlinked

When your account unlinks from the app, we will send you a text or notification letting you know to relink it. You can relink it from the app's Settings tab or by clicking on this link. If this doesn’t fix the issue, kindly remove the account from the app and relink it from scratch.

You can remove an account by tapping on that account in the Settings tab. If your account has sub-accounts, you will need to remove those first.


Your bank is not on the list when you try to link your account

Our partner, Plaid, is responsible for connecting cards. When you link an account or card, you are shown a list of possible links. If the bank or card isn't showing up, Plaid doesn't support it yet.

You should check back often for updates on supported banks, as Plaid constantly adds new supported institutions. In the meantime, you can manually add the business expenses from that account or card by selecting the + symbol in the Deductions tab.

How to add/remove a sub-account when your bank is already linked to Keeper

If you aren't able to select which sub-accounts you'd like to link during the initial account-linking process, then you will need to link all the sub-accounts connected to your account, and then you'll be able to remove the accounts you don't want to track by selecting the account from the Settings tab in the app and selecting Remove.

If that doesn't work, you may need to change your sharing preferences directly from your bank’s website.

First, you’ll want to log in to your bank's online portal. Then, locate where you manage connected apps and find Plaid. This is where you can add or remove specific accounts that Plaid can access — including Keeper.

Your bank account is linked, but your expenses keep loading or are not showing up

If this happens, first, make sure your account is not linked twice. If it is not, please try removing the account and then re-adding the account in the Keeper app. You may also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Also, be sure your phone is updated to the latest software version. Lastly, choose a date for the system to scan your expenses under Settings > Tax profile > I started recently.

I tried to link my account, but it says something went wrong after I entered the code to verify

If you get an error, please reach out so we can take a look to further assist you.


📝 Note: If you have two or more Keeper accounts, be aware that linking the same card to more than one account will result in the card being unlinked from both accounts. Always ensure that you log in with the original phone number or email address you used during the initial sign-up to avoid creating duplicate accounts.